Friday, March 14, 2014

Mystery Announces New Lead Vocalist

Picture: Andy Wright

Benoit David leaves Canadian prog band Mystery. A new vocalist, Jean Pageau, was announced today! Read the whole press release.
Dear Mystery Fans,
I would like to announce that Canadian singer Jean Pageau will be replacing Benoit David as Mystery’s lead singer. The singer from Gatineau, Quebec became anofficial Mysteron on March 9th 2014 and is now preparing with the band for upcoming live performances and a new studio album. Jean is a great singer and we are very excited to be making new music together.
Jean Pageau
Benoit David leaving Mystery:  It has not been as easy for us to say goodbye. Benoit joined Mystery in 1999 and we released our first album (Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face) with Benoit on vocals in 2007 followed by One Among the Living in 2010 and The World is a Game in 2012. In the spring of 2012, as we were preparing for our first European shows, Benoit discussed with me his desire to take a break from music and Mystery for a while. He fulfilled his commitment to do all of the shows that were booked for Mystery up until the Toronto show in June. We took the summer off, and in the Fall, Benoit announced that he was officially leaving the band. We kept the search for a new singer a Mystery.
Benoit’s contribution to the music of Mystery is and will always be considered remarkable, full of passion and emotion for us.He remains one of the best singer I have had the chance to hear, and luckily for me, to work with. I wish him all the best and will always be grateful for the works we created together.
As things seemed to speed up for Mystery, we had to slow down, take a pause and see where we were going. It has not been an easy quest for us in finding someone to fill Benoit’s shoes and has in fact proved to be a difficult task. But we are excited to be back now and are looking forward to seeing all of you soon with new singer Jean Pageau on stage with us.
Michel St-Pere

With the coming release of Mystery's first ever live album and DVD, fans will have a chance to see and hear Benoit with the band one last time. I look forward to the next studio release and hearing Jean for the first time.

All the best to Benoit in his future endeavors, welcome to Jean, and long live Mystery.
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  1. really pity. Benoit was a good singer, and he was fitting in their stye perfecty...