Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Manning CD Due Out in November

True to form, Manning have released a new album every year since its formation without missing a beat and this year is no exception. The new Manning album will be release this November. The Root, the Leaf & the Bone will be a return of the full electric band after the wonderful Akoustik released last year. The new album also has a real live string section, not a synthesized one, with a variety of guest musicians, including Chlöe Herington (of Knifeworld) on bassoons, Ian'Walter' Fairbairn (of Jack the Lad / Hedgehog Pie) on fiddles, Kathy Hampson on cellos, Marek Arnold (of Seven Steps to the Door) on saxes, Steve Dundon (of Molly Bloom) on flutes, John Young (of Lifesigns) on organs, David Albone on drums, Joss Allsopp of trumpets, Jo Manning on violins, and Martin Thiselton on violas.

The band from Leeds consists of David Million (electric guitars), Rick Henry (drums & percussion), Kris Hudson-Lee (bass), Julie King (keyboards, percussion &  backing vocals), Martin Thiselton (keyboards & violin), and of course Guy Manning on a bunch of instruments and lead vocals.

Plans for a November gig at the CRS are under way as it will be the official launch of the new CD. But you can still catch them live before that since they will play on July 6th at The Met, on Market Street, in Bury, with Also Eden. In the meantime you can still download the Guy Manning Interview, IPRS show 114, from the podcast page.

The Root, the Leaf & the Bone (F2 Music)
1. The Root, the Leaf & the Bone
2. Decon(struction) Blues
3. Autumn Song
4. The Forge
5. Old School
6. Palace of Delights
7. The Huntsman & the Poacher
8. Mists of Morning Calling to the Day
9. Amongst the Sleepers

UPDATED: The Manning band's lineup has been updated with correct information. Thank you Guy!

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