Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Nemo CD Due in September

Are we being manipulated?
Who benefits from us following, like sheep, preestablished rules unguardedly?

Political parties, religious organisations? Commercial companies, TV networks?

And for what purpose?

These are the questions that will be addressed in Nemo's new CD. After Rvolu$ion and Barbares, French band Nemo will release "Le ver dans le fruit" (The Worm in the Fruit) at the end of September 2013. Planned as a double CD album, this will be their 8th studio album in 13 years.

Prolific band members Guillaume Fontaine (keys & vocals), Lionel Guichard (bass & vocals), Jean-Baptiste Itiers (drums & vocals), and Jean-Pierre Louveton (guitar and lead vocals) promise this CD will be varied but coherent, filled with music but not indigestible, daring but staying, faithful to
their personal sound, and at the same time experimental and beautiful.

The album goes on pre-sale on Monday June 3rd, and audio extracts will be available on the band's website at that time. Meanwhile, the band are preparing a video for one of the tracks, "Un pied dans la tombe (A Foot in the Grave)", which will be unvailed when the album comes out.

The cover will be designed by Stan-W. Decker, an artist with a growing fame whose work can be seen here.

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