Friday, October 28, 2011

IPRS 92: Interview with Guy Manning

Hello everyone. The latest radio show, number 92, is now available for you to download. On this special show I have the great pleasure to speak with Guy Manning about his forthcoming release "Margaret's Children", a follow-up of sorts to his 2006 release "Anser's Tree".

Following the lives of 7 descendents of Margaret Montgomery, the album takes us on a journey through time, recounting the important moments in the lives of Margaret's descendants. These stories are enhanced with music that recall the times and places through which the characters evolve. A worthy follow-up to Anser's Tree, important moments from the last four hundred years are brilliantly examined, not in a didactic way, but strangely in a way that is also a reflection of our current worldwide situation.

Guy has some wonderful insights about this album, and I hope you like the interview... and the songs. About the songs: I only played three from the forthcoming release, a taster if you will, but I added songs from throughout his carreer (well from the albums I do own - I don't have all his CDs unfortunately). The release date is November 7th, and you can pre-order the album at Guy Manning's website.

Download show 92 here. The playlist is as follows:

1- Songs from Bilston House, by Manning (Songs from the Bilston House, 2007)
2- Margaret Montgomery, by Manning (Anser's Tree, 2006)
3- An Average Man, by Manning (Margaret's Children, 2011) - UPCOMING
4- No Hiding Place, by Manning (One Small Step, 2005)
5- The Calm Absurd, by Manning (Songs from the Bilston House, 2007)
6- The Year of Wonder, by Manning (Margaret's Children, 2011) - UPCOMING
7- The Southern Waves, by Manning (Margaret's Children, 2011) - UPCOMING
8- The House on the Hill, by Manning (Number Ten, 2009)
9- The Man in the Mirror, by Manning (Charlestown, 2010)
10- Steven, by Alilce Cooper (Welcome to My Nightmare, 1975)
11- Finale, by Manning (Charlestown, 2010)

As always, if you like the music, please encourage the artists by purchasing the CDs directly from him, or through your favorite retailer.


  1. Just listened to the show. Great interview. After seeing Guy and his band perform at ROSfest a couple of years ago I have become one of his fans. I've bought 6 of his CDs so far and will be buying his new one as well. Love the AC song as well. I have all of his albums. The new one 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' is another classic. I keep telling my prog buddies AC did prog songs in his earlier days but they don't believe me.

    Frank, I always enjoy your shows, especially the 3 hour interview ones. Keep up the work. Hope your coming to ROSfest next year as I will be there as well.

  2. Thanks Chris. I really enjoy doing the interviews, talkning about the music and the meaning behind it. I'm happy you like them.

    And I am planning to go to ROSfest this year. I have to see IQ.