Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Top 20 CDs of 2010

After having painstakingly listened to over 300 releases in 2010 we have finally come up with our Top 20 of the year. I must say that it was a difficult choice, 2010 being an especially fruitful year for Prog.

As I mention on the radio show, it would have been easier to pick our top 20 worst albums of the year (Feeding the Crocodiles by dutch proggers US comes to mind), but we soldiered on, and all of the albums listed here deserve to be bought, listened too, and loved. They are some, and only some, of the best music we heard this past year, and most could have easily made our Top 5. Rick struggled for two weeks for his top 3, the spot being shuffled constantly, even during the taping of the show. As for me, the top 3 cds were the one's that surprised me the most. But you'll find out which ones they were only next week. For now here is the list of our top 20 to 11.

The show will be broadcast on Sismico ( Tuesday at 7 PM GMT (2 PM EST) and Thursday at midnight EST (Friday 5 AM GMT), and will be rebroadcast Friday at 8 PM GMT (3 PM EST) on UK70s Prog Rock (

Rick's Top 20 to 11Frank's Top 20 to 11
The Opening,
by CloverSeeds
Pan: An Urban Pastoral,
by Persephone's Dream
Lover's End,
by Moon Safari
The Gathering Light,
by Karnataka
by Carptree
Lunatic Soul II,
by Lunatic Soul
Lunatic Soul II,
by Lunatic Soul
by Nine Stones Close
The Big Red Spark,
by Tinyfish
Far Skies Deep Time,
by Big Big Train
Heavy Metal Fruit,
by Motorpsycho
Ready to Go,
by The Black Noodle Project
Black Garden,
by K2
by Haken
by Amplifier
by Agents of Mercy
by WolfSpring
Notes in the Margin,
by Dave Kulju

As always, if you loved the music, purchase the CDs by following the links! Prog on and see you next week.


  1. Great show guys. I have 10 of these cds and 4 of these cds were influenced by your show. I can't wait until the next show. I'm sure I may buy a few more :)

  2. Chris, thanks alot! May I ask which ones you bought based on our recommendations?

    I too have a feeling you might buy more!

  3. Dave Kulju (both), K2, Black Noodle Project and HAKEN. Thinking about Wolfspring and Nine Stones Close.