Monday, December 6, 2010

New Show Ready for Download

Well, another week has passed and yet another show is under our belt. Today we played some of the new CDs we received or bought during this past summer and autumn, CDs that we hadn't had a chance to play yet. with the end of the year fast approaching, and with our next two show exclusively about the Top Ten of the Decade 2000-2009, this is your last chance to hear what was new in 2010 until our radio show in the new year.

This latest radio show can be downloaded here (Podcast no longer available). The orioginal aired radio broadcast lasted just over 3h10 min, so I edited a bit at the end, and cut the last song played on the air for the purpose of rebroadcasts on Sismico and UK70s Prog. Don't forget to write down your top 10 of the last decade (2000-2009) in the comments section of the preceding post.

The playlist was as follows:

1. Mindscan, by District 97 (Hybrid Child, 2010) - NEW
2. Journey, by Agents of Mercy (Dramarama, 2010)
3. Here We Divide, by Dead Letter Circus (This Is the Warning, 2010) - NEW
4. Victims of the Modern Age, by Star One (Victims of the Modern Age, 2010) - NEW
5. Knife Edge, by Star One (Victims of the Modern Age, 2010) - NEW
6.The Opening, by CloverSeeds (The Opening, 2010) - NEW
7. Down by the Water, by The Decemberists (Single Only, 2010) - NEW
8. Ready to Go, Part II, by The Black Noodle Project (Ready to Go, 2010) - NEW
9. Out of the Fields, by Fatal Fusion (Land of the Sun, 2010) - NEW
10. Dreams, by The Lens (Regeneration, 2010) - NEW
11. Poetry for the Poisoned, by Kamelot (Poetry for the Poisoned, 2010) - NEW
12. Waking from a Dream, by Chris (Making Sense, 2010) - NEW
13. Revealing Signs of Love, by Cast (Angels and Demons, 1997)
14. Disconnect, by Quandary (Ready to Fail, 2010)
15. Les Arbres, by Jelly Fiche (Tout ce que j'ai revé, 2008)
16. I Borjan Och Slutet, by Trettioåriga Kriget (I Borjan Och Slutet, 2007)

Enjoy! And remember, if you like the music, go to the bands' websites and purchase the CDs or downloads.

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