Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Sunday's Show

Just came back from a great record launch of X with Spock's Beard's Nick D'Virgilio. A great and personnable guy who graced us with a little acoustic set. I was flabergasted when he played "Thoughts" alone with his guitar...! A great performance!

Still, on with the show! Last Sunday, on the 20th of June, the International Prog Rock Show played more music from 2010. It's getting to be a great year in prog and you can listen to the show here (Link no longer available). The playlist was the following:

1. Live on Air, by The Tangent (A Place on the Shelf, 2010) - NEW

2. Margaretha, by Conqueror (Madame Zelle, 2010) - NEW
3. Fino All'aurora, by La Maschera di Cera (Petali di Fuoco, 2010) - NEW
4. Skellig, by Mr. Gil (Skellig, 2010) - NEW
5. Raw Dog, by Dream Theater (God of War Soundrack, 2010) - NEW
6. The Reunion, by Edensong (The Fruit Fallen, 2008)
7. Caravan, by Rush (Caravan CDS, 2010) - NEW
8. A Draconian Tale, by Seti (Discoveries, 2010) - NEW
9. Le massacre du printemps, Part 2, by The Tangent (A Place on the Shelf, 2010) - NEW
10. L'infanzia di Maria, by PFM (A.D. 2010: La Buona Novella, 2010) - NEW
11. Beautiful Illusion, by Lisa LaRue Project (World Class, 2009)
12. Pearl of the Stars, by Coheed & Cambria (Year of the Black Rainbow, 2010) - NEW
13. Shiva, by The Enid (Journey's End, 2010) - NEW

Enjoy! And please, encourage the artists you like to write and record new music by buying their CDs.

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