Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Spirit of Radio

Another Wednesday, another podcast ready for download. Last sunday's show, on the 2nd of May, was a special show dedicated to the Women of Prog. Results from a poll conducted here a couple of weeks ago were compiled, and song were chosen from those favourite bands. Here are the results... a full three hours of music by female proggers and bands that have female lead vocalists. The whole show can be downloaded from here (Link no longer available).

The playlist is as follows:

1. Metamorphosis, by Curved Air (Air Cut, 1973)
2. And Dream of Sheep/Under Ice/Waking the Witch, by Kate Bush (Hounds of Love, 1985)
3. The Serpent and the Sea, by Karnataka (The Gathering Light, 2010)
4. The Weight of the World, by Factory of Dreams (A Strange Utopia, 2009)
5. A Different Sky, by Mermaid Kiss (Etarlis, 2007)
6. Fireside, by Mostly Autumn (Glass Shadows, 2008)
7. The Day That I Fall, by Janison Edge (The Services of Mary Goode, 1998)
8. Joker in the Pack, by Touchstone (Wintercoast, 2009)
9. Apocalypstik, by Panic Room (Visionary Position, 2008)
10. Mi Libre, by Crisálida (Raco, 2009)
11. Song of Scheherazade, by Renaissance (Scheherazade and Other Stories, 1975)
12. Hurt, by Magenta (Home, 2006)
13. Stand My Ground, by Within Temptation (An Acoustic Night at the Theatre, 2009)
14. 11:41 a.m.: Awakening, by Frequency Drift (Personal Effects part II, 2010) - NEW
15. Here & Now, by Solstice (Spirit, 2010) – NEW
16. Run from Yourself, by Breathing Space (Below the Radar, 2009)
17. Nissos Sirinon, by La Tulipe Noire (Nostimon Hemar, 2006)
18. Dark Angel, by The Reasoning (Dark Angel, 2008)
19. Paper Moon, by White Willow (Sacrament, 2000)
20. Hinba, by Iona (Open Sky, 2000)

By no means is this the end for this topic... there are a lot of good female-lead progressive music out there, and we will be sure to find them and play them.

As always, follow the links if you want more info on the bands, or if you want to purchase their CDs.



  1. Great show. I love the female voice, and especially in intriguing music. Of course I'm partial to Valerie Gracious who sings lead vocals on my albums, but one can't help but be entranced by all the wonderful women you've highlighted in your show!

  2. Absolutely great show. Love Factory of Dreams and Jessica ;)

  3. Thank you Xavier and Gothikprog, much appreciated!

    Xavier, how is the remastering of 7 going, and do you have any more plans?