Thursday, November 5, 2009

October 25th Setlist from

I’m a bit late in posting this and the next posts. This is the set list that was played during the International Prog Rock show on Sunday the 25th of October. The show started at 15h00 EST. As always, if you liked the music, please buy the albums directly from the artists - simply follow the links.

1. What Happens Now? (Live), by Porcupine Tree (The Incident (Japanese release), 2008)
2. Ready to Live, by Mindfields (One, 2009)
3. The Lie and the Liar, by Ageness (Songs from the Liar’s Lair, 2009)
4. Looking Outside Inside, by Anathema (A Fine Day to Exit, 2001)
5. Peel, by Redemption (Snowfall on Judgment Day, 2009)
6. Fighter Command, by Big Big Train (Gathering Speed, 2004)
7. Shadow of the Lake, by Mystery (Destiny?, 1998)
8. Aegian Sea, by Aphrodite’s Child (666, 1972)
9. The Parting, by Nathan Mahl (Exodus, 2007)
10. Ships, by Guy Manning (Number 10, 2009)
11. Midas Touch, by Pallas (The Cross & the Crucible, 2005)
12. Gift of the Flame, by Phideaux (Number 7, 2009)
13. Storia Senti, by Phideaux (Number 7, 2009)
14. Secondo Incontro, by Il Balletto di Bronzo (Ys, 1972)
15. Meantime, by Porcupine Tree (Web download only, 2009)
16. Give and Take, by Unitopia (The Garden, 2008)
17. Same Old Song / Sunset, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic: Part 1, 2007)
18. Frantic, by Robert Svilpa (A Fine Line Between, 2009)
19. A Street Between Sunrise and Sunset, by Satellite (A Street Between Sunrise and Sunset, 2003)

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