Sunday, August 26, 2012

Subterranea Kickstarter More than Halfway There!

(SEE UPDATE BELOW) You may have noticed that I've been spending a lot of time promoting the Kickstarter page for Mathew Miller's Subterranea film project. Well now, with 5 days left to amass the $30,000 he needs to produce the film, the project was pledged $17,675!! Four days ago the pledges didn't amount to 8,000, so a big thank you to the people who have decided to pledge for this worthwhile project.

Now that the halfway mark has been reached, Mathew posted a test preview of Subterranea. Here it is:

Of coursem this doesn't mean you must still wait. If this project interests you and you haven't pledged yet, go now to the Subterranea Film Kickstarter page and read up on the project and pledge!

UPDATE: With less than 53 hours left to go, the Kickstarter page has ammased $25,910!!! Only 4,090 left to go... I know it can be done!

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