Friday, August 17, 2012

FarFest Cancelled (A Bit of Old News)


I was simply catching up on news about the various Festivals around the world (for the Festival page on this website), when I found out that the FarFest Festival has been cancelled. I'm a month late with this news, as it was announced on July 18th. Sorry about that.

Again, this is due to low ticket sales, but the problem may be larger than that. Multi-day festivals are on the decline in North America, and the socio-economic situation may be partly to blame. This year saw the last iteration of NEARfest, but we had an inkling that things weren't going well last year when NEARfest was cancelled. The Three-Rivers Prog Rock Festival also ended a couple of years ago, as did ProgFest in California and the FMPM here in Montreal.

Sure, some festival still carry the flame, like Quebec's Terra Incognita Festival and the upcoming ProgDay in Virginia. It seems like the place to be for Festivals is in the UK. But even they are starting to have problems staying afloat. What are the true causes for this? They might be many, but it is still a damned shame.

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