Sunday, August 5, 2012

IPRS #112

Hello everyone! This week on the International Prog Rock Show we had wonderful prog music. If you tuned in on UK70s Prog Rock internet radio station this is what you heard:

1. The Thief, by District 97 (Trouble with Machines, 2012)
2. Wish, by Frequency Drift (Laid to Rest, 2012)
3. Top of the Word, by Mostly Autumn (The Ghost Moon Orchestra, 2012)
4. Félicité Thösz, Parts I- V, by Magma (Félicité Thösz, 2012)
5. A Roundness in That Direction, by Random Touch (Flock, 2012)
6. Repeat After Me, by Van der Graaf Generator (ALT, 2012)
7. Shards in the Sand, by New Sun (Damage Done, 2012)
8. Dodecahadron, Part XII, by Daal (Dodecahedron, 2012)
9. Hide and Seek, by I and Thou (Speak, 2012)
10. Thoracic Park, by Carpe Nota (Carpe Nota, 2012)
11. Burning Houses, by The Institute of Modern Love (Prog Rock Mag CD, 2012)
12. Gamma, by L'Ombre della Sera (L'Ombra della Sera, 2012)
13. Part I, by Hostsonaten (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 2012)
14. The Porcupine Dilemma, by Veritgo Steps (Surface/Light, 2012)
15. Doppler Defect, by Vertigo Steps (Surface/Light, 2012)
16. Childhood Books, by Six Elements (Primary Elements, 2012)
17. El Fuego dela Ciudad, by Nexus (Aire, 2012)
18. Tierra del Fuego, by XII Alfonso (Charles Darwin, 2012)
19. Go or Go Ahead, by I and Thou (Speak, 2012)

As always, if you love the music I encourage you to folloow the links and purchase the albums directly from the artists, or go to your favourite retailer!

Well, I'm off on vacation! See you soon!

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