Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Subterranea Feature Length Film Needs You

Ten days ago I wrote a post about this fantastic project by young film maker Mathew Miller here. Mathew needs 30,000 dollars to finish his film, so he turned to Kickstarter to help him amass the amount he needs.
From his Kickstarter page:
We are launching this Kickstarter campaign in order to support our feature film, 'Subterranea'. We're adapting this film from legendary prog rock band IQ's concept album of the same name. We are working vigilantly to translate the vibrant images the music has projected in our minds as fans onto the big screen. Now, we need your help, to fund this film and bring this unique story to life!
When I wrote the first post about 50 people had pledged various amounts to breathe life into this project. Since then 45 more people have pledged to support his movie. There are 9 days left to pledge before the Kickstarter program runs out. For those of you who don't know how Kickstarter works here is a primer: Kickstarter is an all or nothing campaign. They don't get any of the money unless they reach their $30,000 goal. So if they don't reach that goal all the money goes back to the donators and the project won't be made.

What do you get when you pledge?

It depends on how much you pledge. For a $25 pledge you'll get a DVD or BluRay of the completed film plus a movie poster. For a $50 pledge you'll get the above PLUS a digital download of the brand new soundtrack recorded by IQ! Yes, that's right, if the project goes through IQ will re-record Subterranea for the movie version. Better yet, at the $5,000 level you'll get to meet IQ during the recording of the scoring sessions. There are many levels so any one level is affordable to someone.

So go! Read! And pledge what you can. It would be a shame if this fell through. There are only 9 days left.

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