Monday, January 13, 2014

Australian Proggers Anubis on Indigogo

Australian neo-prog band Anubis has completed the recording and the mixing of their forthcoming album Hitchhiking to Byzantium. Now they need your help to make a dream come true.

Though the album will come out on CD, many fans have been asking if it could be possible to have an album on vinyl. With this latest release that is what they are aiming for... but with your help.

They need $6,500 to press the 2LP album with gatefold art to vinyl, just as progressive music should be heard. There are only 11 days left for the campaign, and they only have $1,046 earned to date.

They have 5 levels of funding and with the lowest level you get a signed copy of each of the previous albums, which is a great deal, as those to albums are fantastic. If only for that you should go, but as prog fans you should also go for the vinyl.

Listen to this video, then follow the link below.

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