Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marillion Weekend Twofur

We have become accustomed to hearing a classic album in its entirety on Friday nights during Marillion Weekends (Brave in 2002, Afraid of Sunlight in 2003, Marbles in 2005, Seasons End in 2009, and Holidays in Eden in 2011 - the only notable exception being 2007 where they performed parts of Somewhere Else) and themed shows on Saturdays and Sundays. Of course, depending on where the weekends are (Netherlands, Canada, or England) you get to "Swap the band" or an outing, or signing sessions, or simply hobnobbing with fans and band members.

For next year's Marillion Weekend we knew in advance that the Friday night show would be dedicated to the Radiation album. But news has just come out that the band intend to add another classic album to the weekend festivities. On Saturday nights on all Weekends they will perform their classic Brave album in its entirety.

The band commented:
The production will aim to replicate the original tour, featuring all-new projections and our trademark light show.

It's an amazing opportunity to revisit the live performance, or experience the full power of Brave for the very first time.
As of this writing tickets are selling well and some are available for all three weekends, so get them while they last.

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