Saturday, December 22, 2012

IPRS 116: The Symphonic Edition

On the latest International Prog Rock Show, airing on UK70sProgRock every Friday at 2 PM EST and repeated on Sundays at 7 PM EST, I decided to play some Prog based on classical music motifs, some Orchestra's playing some Prog, and some Porg using Classical orchestras. From the birth of Prog music in the psychedelic era, prog has always had a link to symphonic music. Long tracks, sometimes using the whole side of an LP (for you young ones, LPs are coming back into style), with different themes and movements, are archetypes of what Prog aspired to be. This is a style mostly associated with ELP, Yes, and Rick Wakeman.

I also paid hommage to recently departed artists Jon Lord, Michael Dunford of Renaissance, and Dave Brubeck, followed by a slew of new releases.

The play list was as follows:

1. Le Massacre du Printemps (Part I), by The Tangent (A Place on the Shelf, 2010)
2. Pictures at an Exhibition, by Emerson Lake and Palmer (Live at Mar Y Sol Festival, 2007
3. The Endless Enigma Suite, by Keith Emerson Band (Three Fates Project, 2012)
4. City of Gold, by Tony Banks (Six Pieces for Orchestra, 2012)
5. The Battle, by Rick Wakeman (Journey to the Center of the Earth, 2012)
6. Movement three: Vivace – Presto, by Jon Lord (Concerto for Group and Orchestra (2012)
7. Song of Scheherazade, by Renaissance (King Biscuit Flower Hour, 2997)
8. Lt Kije / Rondo, by The Nice (The Nice (Remastered), 2003)
9. Back to Your Moon, by Fish on Friday (Airborne, 2012)
10. You Wonder Why, by Jadis (See Right Through You, 2012)
11. Wild Flower, by Innerspace (Innerspace, 2012)
12. View from the Mountain, by Colin Mold (Girl on the Castle Steps, 2012)
13. Good Times, by The Winter Tree (Guardians, 2012)
14.Whale Watch, by Stick Men (Deep, 2012)
15. Return of the Artisan, by Final Conflict (Return of the Artisan, 2012)
As always, if you like the music, encourage the artists and follow the links to purchase their CDs. It's the only way to keep the music alive.

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