Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IPRS 115

I have been so busy these past few months I had totally forgotten to post the playlist of the only IPRS radio show of November. So here it is. The show always airs on Fridays and repeats on Sundays on UK70sProgRock.


1. Overture, by Shadow Circus (On a Dark and Stormy Night, 2012)
2. From a Point of Existence Parts I-V, by Gandalf's Fist (From a Point of Existence, 2012)
3. Broken, by To-Mera (Exile, 2012)
4. Deadline, by Weend'รด (You Need to Know Yourself, 2012)
5. Montreal, by Marillion (Sounds that Can't Be Made, 2012)
6. Paranova, by Antimatter (Paranova CDS, 2012)
7. Freefalling, by Panic Room (Skin, 2012)
8. Claudette, by Alphataurus (Attosecondo, 2012)
9. Undone, by The Psychedelic Ensemble (Undone CDS, 2012)
10. Suite "O Arquiteto" Part III: Frank Lloyd, by Quaterna Requiem (O Arquiteto, 2012)
11. 1000, by John Galgano (Real Life Is Meeting, 2012)
12. Tron, by Seid (Magic Handshake, 2012)
13. i.b.too, by iamthemorning (~, 2012)
14. Incoherentt Ramblings, by 3rDegree (The Long Division, 2012)
15. Odisea: The Return, by Nexus (Magna Fabulis, 2012)

As always, if you loved the music you heard on the radio show, click on the links above to purchase the CDs directly from the artists.

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