Monday, June 7, 2010

Mindgames on the International Prog Rock Show

Last Friday I had the pleasure of talking to Bart Schram, lead signer of the Belgian prog band Mindgames. Formed in 1997, the band has three albums under their belt and plan a fourth one in the not too distant future. Their latest, MMX, came out in January of this year, and I named it my album of the month.
Over the course of the interview, done through Skype, you'll find out about the band's early days, the inspiration for some of the songs, and much more.

Last Sunday's show was entirely dedicated to Mindgames and Bart Schram's interview. You will hear great music and a very likeable man. I would like to thank Bart for the interview, which he did at midnight in Belgium.

During the interview I mispoke twice. Once when Bart mentioned Musea Records (I couldn't understand the name). I do know about Musea Records, though not about most of their artists. The second time is when I mention Hamadryad; I was thinking about Galahad!
The playlist was as follows:

1. Factory of Illness, by Mindgames (International Daylight, 2003)
2. An Approach to Mankind, by Mindgames (International Daylight, 2003)
3. Selling the Moon, by Mindgames (International Daylight, 2003)
4. The Statue, by Mindgames (Actors in a Play, 2006)
5. Sagittarius, by Mindgames (Actors in a Play, 2006)
6. The Benefit of Anxiety, by Mindgames (Actors in a Play, 2006)
7. Dramatis Persona, by Mindgames (Actors in a Play, 2006)
8. The Source, by Mindgames (MMX, 2010)
9. Destination Sky, by Mindgames (MMX, 2010)
10. The Pendulum, by Mindgames (MMX, 2010)
11. In My Humble Opinion..., by Mindgames (MMX, 2010)
12. Travels, by Mindgames (MMX, 2010)

I hope you discovered a great band, and if you like their music, go to their website and buy their CDs, there's even more to like on them.


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