Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Music from 2010

We at the International Prog Rock Show buy a lot of new music. 2010 is fast becoming another 2009, that is to say a bumper crop year for prog. Already we've had great concerts in the first half of the year, with many more to come.

Since we've had many interviews in the past few weeks, we didn't get the chance to play a lot of what we got in the new year... well here was our chance! New music by Anathema, Porcupine Tree, and The Windmill, among others. The radio show is available for download (Link no longer available) and the playlist is as follows:

1. Herculean, by Khatsaturjan (Disconcerto Grosso, Finland, 2010) - NEW
2. A Simple Mistake, by Anathema (We're Here Because We're Here, UK, 2010) - NEW
3. In the Mirror of Dreams, by Gall (Anonym, Poland, 2010) - NEW
4. Reflections of a Dying World, by Disperse (Journey Through the Hidden Gardens, Poland, 2010) - NEW
5. Cryptomnesia, by El Grupo de Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Cryptomnesia, Puerto Rico, 2009)
6. Fear of a Blank Planet (Live), by Porcupine Tree (Anesthetize, UK, 2010) - NEW
7. Cheating the Polygraph (Live), by Porcupine Tree (Anesthetize, UK, 2010) - NEW
8. A Gathering of Crows, by Dead Heroes Club (A Time of Shadow Ireland 2009)
9. A Day in a Hero's Life, by The Windmill (To Be Continued..., Norway, 2010) - NEW
10. Breathe In, Breath Out, by RPWL (Acoustic) (The Gentle Art of Music, Germany, 2010) - NEW
11. Celestial Elixir, by Haken (Aquarius, UK, 2010) - NEW
12. Lines on the Horizon, by Argos (Circles, Germany, 2010) - NEW
13. Don't Ask Me, by Division By Zero (Independent Harmony, Poland, 2010) - NEW
14. The Very Last Number, by Areknam√©s (In Case of Loss, Italy, 2010) - NEW

Hope you enjoy the show, and -as always - encourage the artists you like by purchasing their music!!


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