Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday on My Mind

On Sunday the 27 of June was our last "live" radio show before the summer vacations. On this show the playlist was a mix of our favorite songs and some new songs I received or acquired during these last weeks. Download the radio show here (Link no longer available). The play list is as follows:

1. Fighter Command, by Big Big Train (Gathering Speed, 2004)
2. Reality Slips, by David Rhodes (Bittersuite, 2009/2010) - NEW
3. Young God, by Pallas (Reel & Raw, 2010) - NEW
4. Misunderstood, by Dream Theater (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, 2002)
5. The Doorway, by Nick D'Virgilio (Live at the Montreal CD launch - Unavailable as a release)
6. The River, by The Tea Party (Splendor Solis, 1993)
7. I Buried Paul, by Madame Blavatsky Overdrive (The 23 Enigma, 2010) - NEW
8. Tall Tale, by Beardfish (The Sane Day, 2005)
9. Question Mark Medley - Live, by Neal Morse (So Many Roads, 2010) - NEW
10. Beyond the Eyelids, by Riverside (Rapid Eye Movement, 2007)
11. Illusion of Progress, by Quandary (Ready to Fail, 2010) - NEW
12. Lightbulb Sun - Live, by Porcupine Tree (Warszawa Live 2001, 2003)
13. Cribcaged, by Pain of Salvation (Scarsick, 2007)
14. House, by Marillion (, 1999)
15. Awaken - Live, by Yes (Live in Montreaux, 2003)

And fear not, dear listeners: for the next 8 weeks I will be posting special download-only radio shows, a kind of "Best of" of the International Prog Rock Show. There will also be a special radio show, download-only again, with reviews and songs from the High Voltage Festival in London in July. Three shows are already in the can, and I'm working on the other 5 as I write this (a NDV special, a High Voltage Special, a blooper special, and others). These shows will be made available for download every Sunday at 3PM Eastern Standard time.

Have a great summer, Rick and I surely will, and Prog-On people!!! I would like to thank all the artists that made this first year possible, those we interviewed and those who sent us the music that we play on the air... you know who you are and we thank you very, very much! A special thank you to Mickey Simmonds, the genius who wrote our theme music, and to Ken Jacquess, for being the first and for believing in this little show of ours. We'll see you all at live shows during the summer, I'm sure, and we'll be back live on the air August 29th.


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  1. Great to see Quandary spreading to the far reaches of the world, anyone who enjoyed Illusion of Progress can get the whole album on our website, (totally free) Come visit us on myspace, facebook, youtube and all the other interweb cool corners.