Monday, May 31, 2010

X Marks the Spock ('s Beard)

Yesterday's radio show (from Sunday May 30th) is now available for download. We had the pleasure to receive as guests three of the four members of Spock's Beard. The occasion is the launch of their new CD entitled X (that is Ten in roman numerals) which, coincidentaly, is their tenth studio effort. We spoke to Alan Morse, guitarist and one of the founders of the band, Ryo Okumoto, keyboardist and comedian (you'll understand when you hear the interview), and Dave Meros, bassist extraordinaire!! The interviews turned out to me a lot of fun, and Rick, ever the trooper, went on with the show even though he had a roaring tooth ache - What wouldn't we do to bring you the best prog on the digital internets !! We'd like to thank Sonya "Spock's Babe" Kukcinovich for all the hard work making these interviews happen.
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You can download the show from here (Link no longer available). The playlist is as follows:

1. A Guy Named Sid, by Spock's Beard (Feel Euphoria, 2003)

** Interview with Alan Morse starts **

2. The Man Behind the Curtain, by Spock's Beard (X, 2010)
3. The Emperor's Clothes, by Spock's Beard (X, 2010)
4. On a Perfect Day, by Spock's Beard (Spock's Beard, 2006)
5. The Water / Go the Way You Go, by Spock's Beard (SB Live, 2008)

** Interview with Ryo Okumoto starts **

6. Kamikaze, by Spock's Beard (X - NEW 2010)
7. Ryo's Solo - Live, by Spock's Beard (Gluttons for Punishnent, 2005)
8. 2nd Overture, by Spock's Beard (Snow, 2002)
9. Beware of Darkness, by Spock's Beard (Beware of Darkness, 1996)
10.Godzilla vs. King Ghidaran, by Ruo Okumoto (Coming Through, 2002)

** Interview with Dave Meros starts **

11. Jaws of Heaven, by Spock's Beard (X, 2010)
12. Skeletons at the Feast - Live, by Spock's Beard (SB Live, 2008)

That's it.

I must add that the new Spock's Beard is fantastic. The best in years (at least in four years :) ). If you don't know their music, buy this one and work your way through their back catalogue, you won't regret it!

And as always, encourage the band by buying their CDs directly from their website or at your favourite retail outlet.

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  1. Xcellent! I'm so happy Rick and François! Mercí! ~Sonya :-)