Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Interview with Galahad

For this week's radio show (May 23) we have a treat for you. We had the opportunity to meet the members of UK band Galahad, in fact we were guests of Galahad for their Terra Incognita gig in Quebec City. I'd like to thank Stu, Roy, Dean, Spencer, and Neil for their kindness and for the great music they have been doing over the years.

We had a 90 minute conversation with the members of the band, really kind of a stream of consciousness, where we talked about the music business, the joys of writing music, the best places to gig, and our wives and girlfriends. We present here, in the first hour of the show, all the relevent parts of the interviews, accompanied by some of the great music this band has given us. I apologize for the sound quality, but its the best we could do.

I also had the chance to see Stick Men here in Montreal, and had a chance to meet both Tony Levin and Michael Bernier. Rick and I saw Mystery and Hamadryad and also had a chance to talk with the members of the band during the meet and greet.

Lastly, our friend Andrew Wood (Yoooreds), saw The Resoning and The Pineapple Thief and was kind enough to send us his comments.

Here is the link (Link no longer available) for the download. The playlist for the show is:

1. Empires Never Last - Live, by Galahad (Sleepless in Phoenixville, 2010)
2. Memories of an African Twin, by Galahad (Empires Never Last, 2007)
3. Richelieu's Prayer -Live, by Galahad (Classic Rock Live '94 Remastered 2CD release, 2010)
4. Deficit, by Crisálida (Raco, 2009)
5. Soup, by Stick Men (Soup, 2010) - NEW
6. One Among the Living, by Mystery (One Among the Living, 2010) - NEW
7. Here and Now, by Hamadryad (Intrusion, 2010) - NEW
8. Your World, by Karnataka (The Gathering Light, 2010)
9. Diamonds and Leather, by The Reasoning (Adverse Camber, 2010) - NEW
10. Nothing at Best, by Pineapple Thief (Someone Here Is Missing, 2010) - NEW
11. Water Run, by Edensong (The Fruit Fallen, 2008)
12. Hands of the Priestess, by Steve Hackett (Live Archives '05, 2005)
13. After the Ordeal, by Steve Hackett (Live Archives '05, 2005)
14. Hairless Heart, by Steve Hackett (Live Archives '05, 2005)
15. Welcome to Your Life, by The Watch (Planet Earth?, 2010)
16. Docteur Mystere - Live, by The Watch (Live Bootleg, 2005)
17. Holy War, by Asia (Omega, 2010) - NEW

Please visit these great bands' web sites!


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