Monday, July 27, 2015

Eddie Jobson Plans the Definitive UK CD Collection

Eddie Jobson is planning to release the ultimate UK Definitive CD Collection. He has recently found the original masters of all UK albums in a vault at Abbey Road Studios and hopes to find the original multi-track tapes.

He plans to clean up and remaster the two studio albums UK and Danger Money, as well as their only official live album while adding all the unused live tracks from the Night After Night shows so as to make that one a double album. He also acquired the a recording of the legendary Penn's Landing concert, with Bruford and Holdsworth, and plans to add that to the box set.

To learn more about his plans, go see his video on his Facebook page here.

Eddie has also decided to open up his Zealots' Lounge to the public for free, to allow as many people as possible to pre-order this great collection.

The free Zealots' Lounge is here.

You can pre-order here:

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