Friday, May 29, 2015

Steven Wilson and Steve Hackett Announce Box Set

Steve Hackett's first 6 albums, those originally released on the famous Charisma label have now been remixed by Steven Wilson with the help of Mark Powell, and are set to be released as 14 CD box set.

Universal are releasing Premonitions: The Charisma Years 1975 - 1983. It will include Steve's first six albums, four of which have been redone in surround sound by Steven Wilson. It will also include live recordings, such as the whole Oxford show over two CDs, 1981 Reading show, 1979 Drury Lane show, as well as a 1983 BBC session.

Since the multi tracks for two of the early Steve Hackett records could not be located, Steven Wilson created a surround sound up-mix, which he says is very immersive and worthwhile.

Premonitions is set to be released at the end of 2015 or beginning 2016. Amazon UK announces it for October 16, while Steven Wilson said that it might be in January 2016.

Word has not come out yet about a possible release as single albums outside of the box set.

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