Friday, May 15, 2015

Pre-Orders for the New Edison's Children Have Begun

With the anticipation of a new Marillion album on the horizon, Pete Trewavas is expected to be very busy during this next year. One of his other bands, Edison's Children, has decided to hold back for just a short while on their next concept album. They have, however, decided to release what they call a "bridge album", entitled Somewhere Between Here and Now...
This is a non-conceptual album featuring several songs that have been kicking around the Edison's Children laboratory for a few years but would never see the light of day otherwise. Not that they are bad songs; they simply don't fit the "concept albums" themes of the past or the future. They are however, quite exciting pieces of music in their own right, as fans who attended Montreal's Marillion Weekend 2015 found out during a surprise opening act.

Somewhere Between Here and Now... track list (not in song order):
Growing Down in Brooklyn
Someone Took My Heart Away
Winter Solstice (Instrumental)
Stranger in a Foreign Land
Ever Be Friends
The Darkness (Instrumental)
Sinner's Minus (Instrumental)
Where Were You (14:10) (mixed by Jakko Jakszyk)
Light Years (mixed by Jakko Jakszyk)
The Seventh Sign (mixed by Jakko Jakszyk)
The Longing (Orchestral version)
A Million Miles Away (Live during Marillion Wolves Weekend 2013)

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Edison's Children are:
Eric Blackwood
Pete Trewavas

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