Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Tangent Pre-Pre-Orders Now Being Taken

Pre-pre orders started last week on the new album by The Tangent.

A Spark In The Aether won't be out until 2015, but here's your chance to get involved early, hear work in progress and help the band carry out their work. Also available is the pre-order of Andy Tillison's side project Multiplex!!

Says Andy Tillison:
"This is an album that seeks to return to the core of what The Tangent means to me... after our big orchestral opus that we delivered in Le Sacre Du Travail we're, to an extent, reining in the instrumentation to the 5 piece electric Prog Rock band and focussing a little more on that all-important second word of the genre name 'Rock'. At least for the first half!"
I think there's an element of it being The Music That Died Alone 2. A lot of the subject matter in the lyrics to the first few songs is revisiting the state of Progressive Rock 12 years after the original album was made. That's obviously been a big big change. There's no apparent sign of the music being dead at all... but I still feel we have dangers and that we're not out of the woods yet. We all have a part to play in the development of this genre and becoming stilted and over safe is not the way to play this game. We need to support the younger guys as much as possible."

The musicians lined up for the project are:
Andy Tillison Diskdrive: Keyboards & Vocals
Luke Machin: Guitar
Jonas Reingold: Bass Guitar
Theo Travis: Saxes & Flutes
Morgan Agren: Drums

And there will likely be a couple of nice guest appearances on the album too.

Visit to make your order! And remember that The Tangent album will be available at normal pricings nearer the time of release. This is really for the Mega Fans who want to take part.

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