Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lifesigns Turn to PledgeMusic to Fund Live DVD

British prog band Lifesigns needs you to help them record a live DVD this autumn. Pledge with them and be a part of making this come true.

Band members John Young, Nick Beggs, and Martin Beedle have turned to PledgeMusic because, as they say "it makes a connection between fan and band, you can actually say you helped someone record an album, or fund a tour or pay for a music DVD!"

Over three nights in or near London Lifesigns is going to record a live DVD before a very select audience of specially invited fans.

Read all about how you can make this happen here:

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  1. great band on record, even better live. This could be the event of the year not to miss. looking forward to seeing and hearing the next step in this band history with real interest