Monday, March 31, 2014

Mark Trueack (ex-Unitopia) Reveals New Project

The former singer, songwriter and co-producer of well-respected Australian band Unitopia has announced the formation of the United Progressive Fraternity with the release of a video for a song called “The Water”.
The idea for the project started in July 2011, while working on the “Covered Mirror” album. Mark Trueack and Stephen Layton started to develop songs ideas and arrangements for a concept album to be called “The Hope”. While working on this project Stephen realised that these could be a real opportunity here to bring the voices of Mark and Jon Anderson together. The piece selected to test this collaborative prospect was to be “The Water”.

Over the next six months, Mark started speaking with artists from around the world that he felt would complement his voice and the new sound he was looking for. These included Hasse Froberg (The Flower Kings), Nikki Squire (Esquire), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Ian Ritchie (Roger Waters Band), Guy Manning (Manning, The Tangent), John Jowitt (IQ, Frost*, Arena), Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa) and Tom Brislin.

Mark’s vision for the underlying musical content of UPF music is that it will not be that dissimilar to that of Unitopia, however, the sound will be much edgier and less keyboard dependant.

Having several producers and songwriters within the core group will certainly give the listener a banquet of textures and moods! Unlike Unitopia though, UPF will always invite special guests aboard for albums. This ‘open door’ policy will allow Mark to use producers and musicians as the music dictates, whilst also allowing each and every musician involved a chance to put their own individual stamp on the music.
Fall in Love with the World” will be the first UPF release, containing over 60 minutes of music that will take the listener on a journey of self-belief. The album will be officially launches at the UK’s Summers End Festival in autumn 2014.

Track listing:
1. Overture
2. Spinning on the Surface
3. How Long
4. Don’t Look Back
5. Crossroads
6. Water
7. Fall in Love with the World

To learn more about the United Progressive Fraternity:

Watch "The Water" video, featuring Mark Trueack and Jon Anderson:

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