Saturday, February 22, 2014

Devin Townsend Starts New Project

No sooner has he disembarked from the Progressive Nation at Sea show, Canadian metal progger Devin Townsend has started a pledge drive to finance a new musical project: The Casualties of Cool. After the success of his Retinal Circus shows and the DTP albums, Devin feels he can change directions musically with this one project, while maintaining his metal side on his other project.

For this to happen, Devin has set up a pledge site on Pledge Music. Fans will be able to watch the project as it develops. Read the whole thing and pledge, this man is a wonderfully creative musician.

UPDATE: Inside of 12 hours, the pledge drive has amassed more than 250% of the needed money. Devin sent a note through his Twitter handle to thank the fans, and promised other projects will be financed with the surplus, including his Z2 project.

The pledge drive still has 68 days until the end.

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