Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guitarist Paul Davis Leaves Panic Room

Got a shock this morning reading on the Panic Room's facebook page:

Dear friends, fans, and followers of Panic Room...
We are deeply saddened to have to make the announcement today that Paul Davies - our lead guitarist - will be stepping down from the band as of this time.
We know that this will come as a huge shock to everyone; and indeed, it is a very sad time for us all.
Paul has not just been our band-mate, but our best friend too, for many years.
But, the time has come where Paul feels he must step away from Panic Room, for personal reasons; and we, as his close friends, must accept and respect any decision which he makes, fully and with nothing but care and admiration for him.
Paul is simply a stunning musician, with a talent as deep and true as his heart; and he has been with us on this journey since the very beginning. He is a brother to us, and so it is just not possible for us to put all our feelings into words right now.
But, we hope you will all join us in wishing Paul the very best for the future, as we send him our love, support, gratitude, and sheer awe at everything he has achieved and created.
For those of you who are coming to see Panic Room play live this Spring / Summer, fear not - we will not be cancelling any of our Tour Dates, as we wish to honour each commitment and not let anyone down.
So, we are pleased to announce that our good friend Pete Harwood - of the band Morpheus Rising - will be 'depping' with us on lead guitar for the next few gigs. We are incredibly grateful to Pete (and of course his band-mates) for agreeing to play some shows with us, and for being such a huge help at this most difficult of times.
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