Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eddie Jobson Cancels "Four Decades" Tour

Eddie Jobson has posted on Facebook that he is cancelling his "Four Decades" Tour. Some dates that were scheduled as a Four Decades Tour date are now changed for UK Reunion dates, including the Montreal show, but not all. Here is the note from Eddie, followed by a link for more information.
Having returned to live touring only 4 years ago, I am still learning what audiences worldwide will and won't support. Not unexpectedly, the 'UK' reenactments continue to have a lot more commercial legs than any 'solo' offerings or new-music projects such as 'UKZ.' Such is the reality of the marketplace.
The non-profit "Four Decades" tour was to be a high-end concert, master class, and video presentation, along with another excellent lineup of top players performing music from my entire 40-year recording career. Unfortunately, I cannot let the show promoters take a loss in order to bring this one-off show to my fans. So it is with great disappointment that I have decided to cancel the solo west-coast concerts entirely.
On a more positive note, I am pleased to announce that 'UK' will play the east-coast shows. The lineup will be Jobson-Wetton-Machacek-Donati and, unlike last year's tour, we will be playing more of the music from the first 'UK' album as well as some of the King Crimson classics.
The 5-piece solo band, with Marc Bonilla, Billy Sherwood, Alex Machacek, and Virgil Donati, will still play music from the Green Album at the Baja Prog Festival on April 6, and I still plan to present the complete "Four Decades" concert in Japan in July.
Meanwhile, this may be the last opportunity to see 'UK' in any form after the "Cruise To The Edge" and Miami shows, so I look forward to seeing everyone there. All 'UK' gigs will be announced on

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