Friday, July 20, 2012

IPRS #111

On Friday's International Prog Rock Show on the UK70s Prog Rock radio station, we had music by a variety of bands from around the world starting with an hommage to Jon Lord, by playing the wonderful Space Truckin' by Deep Purple (UK). Jon Lord passed away earlier this week and people from around the world mourned his passing, artists from Keith Emerson to Rick Wakeman writing beautifuly about his influence on them and on music in general. he will be missed. Countries covered on this show were the UK, the US, Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, and Greece. BTW, three bands from Canada this time (Saga, Red Sans, and Karcius).

The playlist was:

1. Space Truckin (live), by Deep Purple (Made in Japan)
2. I Bambini Nascono Per Vivere Feli, by Phoenix Again (ThreeFour)
3. Til the Well Runs Dry, by Saga (20/20)
4. Tightrope Walking, by Panic Room (Skin)
5. Legacy, by Forward Shapes (Legacy)
6. Verlin & leningrad, by Sunchild (Isolation)
7. Chupacabras (live), by Phideaux (Phideaux & Mogon promotional)
8. The Laws of Nature, by The Prog Collective
9. Snardon, by Anglagard (Viljans Oga)
10. Behind the Mask, by Red Sand (Behind the Mask)
11. The Dark Water (live), by Erik Norlander & the Galactic Collective (Live in Gettysburg)
12. Rhodonus, by The Earth Explorer (Trans-europe Expression)
13. Water, by Karcius (The First Day)
14. Wishful Thinking, by The Damnation Project (The Damnation Project)

If you missed the radio show, which airs Fridays at 2 PM EST (7 PM in the UK), the show plays as a repeat on Sundays at 7 PM EST for those in the America's that work on weekdays. So please listen, then leave your comments here.

And as always, if you like the music, please purchase the CDs... it's the only way the artists will be able to continue writing the music you love.

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  1. Love the Karcius. I need to get that one and check out more of their stuff. I was at the Erik Norlander show. I know I'll be getting that one.