Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Bit More Steve Hackett News

Remember two weeks ago when I found out that Steve Hackett was working on a new version of the classic "Supper's Ready"? Well, I was curious about this project and found a lot of interesting tidbits around the web.

It seems that this project started as a follow-up to Steve's Genesis Revisited CD. Steve told a reporter that this time he wanted to "revisit" some lesser known Genesis songs. Soon the project changed a bit, and now it looks like the album will be a 2 CD affair, with songs from both Genesis' past, and Steve's solo career.

I've been following Steve's Twitter feed, and found these interesting nuggets about the tracks being worked on, and about who is working on them. On his latest Twitter he wrote that the album cover is being worked on at this moment.

First the Genesis songs:

Blood on the Rooftops (sung by John Wetton and someone named Gary). Steve has also written a new intro to the song.
Fly on the Windscreen (sung by someone named Gary)
The Musical Box (sung by Nad Sylvan)
The Chamber of 32 Doors (sung by Nad Sylvan)
Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
The Lamia (sung by Nik Kershaw, with some guitar by Steve Rothery)
Can-Utility and the Coastliner (sung by Steven Wilson)
Entangled (sung by Jakko Jakszyk)
Eleventh Earl of Mar (sung by Nad Sylvan)
Ripples (sung by Amanda Lehmann)
The Return of the Giant Hogweed (with some guitar by Roine Stolt)
Supper's Ready (with vocals by Simon Collins, Francis Dunnery, and Mikael Akerfeldt)

As to the Hackett songs being reprised, it seems he is taking the Peter Gabriel route. Both songs mentionned on Twitter seem to be orchestral versions. They are:
Please Don't Touch
A Tower Struck Down

No need to tell you that I am very excited about this project, as Steve Hackett is the guitarist that inspired me to learn the guitar. And the song list is truly amazing. Can't wait to pick this one up.

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