Friday, June 8, 2012

Kerry Kompost Formerly of Mars Hollow to Play at Celebr8

This other bit of "Hollow" news, a follow-up to my previous post, is that on the Kerry Kompost side, things are looking bright. Kerry left these messages on his Facebook page:
"Ridiculously happy to announce I will be appearing at Celebr8 Prog 2012 --THE prog event of the year -- with VERY special guest and friend Matt Brown lending his vocal, keyboard and songwriting skills to the mix. We'll be playing original p...rogressive-pop and perhaps a cover or two -- can you spell X-T-C? :) VERY special thanks and a basket of gratitude to Geoff Banks and Jon Patrick aka Twang for allowing Matt and I the privilege of coming to the UK to take part in this incredible event. Shit --I gotta practice! See you soon, good people."
Later in the day he announced this other bit of news:
"In other cool news -- this day just keeps getting better! -- I've got an offer to produce my solo album from someone whose music completely changed my whole approach and outlook. I mean, this guy blew my mind wide open and ever since I heard his music back around 2000 or so, my own imagination has taken radical turns. Assuming I can get either a label or a Kickstarter thing going, perhaps I can make it happen. The possible producer's name? Mike Keneally. :) "
Best of luck, Kerry!

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