Saturday, October 1, 2011

IPRS #88

Hello dear listeners, glad to see you here again. This week on the International Prog Rock Rock are a lot of new releases, and some forthcoming ones, most of them double CDs... or more. Let's start with Steve Hackett. His new CD, Beyond the Shrouded Horizon, is available as a one CD or two CD set, and it came out this week. Steven Wilson's Grace for Drowning also came out this week and I only saw it as a two CD set at a very resonable price, really worth it for any music fan. Polish band Millenium's newest output, Puzzles, is also a double album.

But I must say that the winner this week is Pink Floyd. The newly remastered Dark Side of the Moon comes in multiple configurations.First there is the single CD of the Remastered album, then the double CD version, called the Experience version, with the live show taken from the 16 November 1974 Empire Pool show. The single CD version is also available in the Discovery boxset, which includes all 14 Pink Floyd albums. And last, but certainly not least, is the Experience boxset. This last one includes 6 disks, 3 CDs, 2 DVDs, and one BlueRay (and a lot of collectibles that are, quite frankly, not essential). I am quite thrilled at having this version of DSotM, since it includes 2 5.1 mixes and the original Quadrophonic mix from 1974.

As for the other bands featured today: Greylevel, a Canadian band, is great; Anubis's sophomore CD, A Tower is Silence, is even better than their first CD; Myrath's third output is a bit ahrder edged and very enjoyable; and White Willow's newest was worth the wait! Hope you like them and run to your nearest reseller to purchase them.

Next week's show will be a recap of the Summers' End festival being held this weekend in England. I'll have a special guest commenting on the shows, and hoefully talking with some of the bands.

To download show 88 click here (No longer available).
The playlist was as follows:

1. A Place Called Freedom, by Steve Hackett (Beyond the Shrouded Horizon, 2011)
2. Terminal, by
Greylevel (Hypostatic Union, 2011)
3. Already, Not Yet, by Greylevel (Hypostatic Union, 2011)
4. A Tower of Silence, by
Anubis (A Tower of Silence, 2011)
5. The Passing Bell, by Anubis (A Tower of Silence, 2011)
6. Archway of Tears, by Anubis (A Tower of Silence, 2011)
7. Eden?, by
Millenium (Puzzles, 2011)
8. The Tree of Knowledge, by Millenium (Puzzles, 2011)
9. Puzzled, by Millenium (Puzzles, 2011)
10. Visions, by
Haken (Visions, 2011)
11. Tales of the Sands, by
Myrath (Tales of the Sands, 2011)
12. Beyond the Stars, by Myrath (Tales of the Sands, 2011)
13. Braving the Seas, by Myrath (Tales of the Sands, 2011)
14. Searise, by
White Willow (Terminal Twilight, 2011)
15. Kansas Regrets, by White Willow (Terminal Twilight, 2011)
16. Remainder the Black Dog, by
Steven Wilson (Grace for Drowning, 2011)
17. Deform to Form a Star, by Steven Wilson (Grace for Drowning, 2011)
18. Money (Live), by
Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon 2011 Remastered)
19. Us and Them (Live), by Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon 2011 Remastered)

As always, if you love the music, purchase the CDs so that the artists may live off of their work and continue producing this excellent music we call Prog!


  1. Hi, Its Nicholas From Anubis in Sydney, Australia.

    Thankyou so much for your kind words and for playing our music. We are very appreciative of the airplay that you have given us and that you are helping us share our music.


    Nick (Anubis)

  2. Hi Nick! Love your music, and I wouldn't be saying that if it weren't true! I am ruthless when it comes to that! Hope to talk to you soon.