Saturday, October 15, 2011

IPRS 90 Ready for Download

Another Saturday, another IPRS download. This time I cover the Summer's End Festival. Every year this festival attracts bands and fans from all over the world, and this year has certainly not been a disapointment. Of course, we all heard about the bands that were supposed to come and couldn't (Unto Us, K2, Amplifier, most of the members of Sunchild). They were missed, and for most of them it's only a matter of time before they do come to Summer's End, but this year's lineup was excellent.

So to give you a taste of what happend in that small area of England called Lydney, here is a sampling of the artists that did make it, that is all but Concrete Lake, of which I have no recordings. And to top it all off, my friend Peter O'Neill, who has been a Summer's End regular for years, has agreed to do interviews for this radio show. He did a great job, and got to talk to great artists after their shows: Dec Burke, Atony Kalugin, Andy Tillison, and members of Concrete Lake. the sound is a bit raw, and I do apoligize for that, but since the interviews are interesting, I decided it was better to present them than not.

By the way, next week's radio show will have an interview with Guy Manning, and a lot of new music!!

You can download show 90 here. (No longer available). The playlist is as follows:

1. Small Hours, by Dec Burke (Destroy All Monsters, 2010)
        - Interview with Dec Burke

2. Destroy All Monsters, by Dec Burke (Destroy All Monsters, 2010)
3. Gordian Knot, by Sunchild (As Far As the Eye Can See, 2011)
        - Interview with Antony Kalugin of Sunchild

4. The Ring of Eternity, by Sunchild (As Far As the Eye Can See, 2011)
5. Le miroir aux alouettes, by Lazuli (4603 Battements, 2011)
6. L'azur, by Lazuli (4603 Battements, 2011)
7. The Night, by Invertigo (Next Stop Vertigo, 2010)
8. Night on Broadway, by Invertigo (Next Stop Vertigo, 2010)
9. My 5th Season, by Casual Silence (Vertical Horizon, 2011)
10. Dagerous Disguise, by Casual Silence (Vertical Horizon, 2011)
11. 7th Sign, by Day Six (The Grand Design, 2008)
12. Lost Identity, by Day Six (The Grand Design, 2008)
13. Titanic Calls Carpathia, by The Tangent (COMM, 2011)
        - Interview with Andy Tillison

14. Smoke and Mirrors, by Arena (Pepper's Ghost, 2005)
        - Interview with members of Concrete Lake

15. Tantalus, by Arena (Pepper's Ghost, 2005)
16. Cardinal Sin, by Credo (Against Reason, 2011)

17. Sane Life, by Headspace (I Am, 2007)
18. Book of Dreams, by Magenta (Chameleon, 2011)
19. Winter Wine, by Caravan (In the Land of Grey and Pink, 1973)

As always, if you like the music, encourage the artists by purchasing the CDs either through their websites, hence the links above, or through your favorite retailer!


  1. Can't wait to listen. Looks like you have a good mix of classic and new Prog!

    Craig Kerley
    Not Otherwise Specified

  2. Craig, I hope you like the show! I would love to hear some of your music, especially having downloaded your version of Dance on a Volcano (one of my favorite non-Gabriel Genesis songs).