Friday, July 1, 2011

IPRS 77 - Canada Day Special

Since today is July 1st, Canada Day, I decided to showcase canadian prog rock bands on the International Prog Rock Show which aired on UK 70s Prog Rock. Of course our greatest export and most recognisable prog rock band may be Rush, who are still on their Time Machine tour as I write. I even think they are better known than another canadian export of ours, the Cirque du Soleil. Another well known canadian prog band is Saga, who have now embarked on a summer tour in Europe. Michael Sadler, as most of you know, has returned to the fold, and Rob Moratti, who replaced him as lead singer for about two years, has just released his first solo CD.

Today's show is just a sampling of the great music created in Canada, from long gone bands like Maneige, to up-and-coming new bands like It, Mystery, and Half Past Four. I regularly play music by canadian bands, recently having done a special with music by Tempus Fugit, another up-and-coming band, so today I concentrated on bands I haven't played in a long while, or even haven't played at all, except for those bands who just released new CDs.

On a sad note, Alberto Bonomi from the italian jazz fusion band D.F.A., died tragically in a car accident near his home in Verona. Even though the band had called it quits due to personal reasons, this is sad news indeed. In honor of Alberto, you will hear one of his compositions taken from the last D.F.A. cd, 4th.

To download the 77th radio show click here (Podcast no longer available).

the laylist is as follows:

1. The Camera Eye, by Rush (Moving Pictures, Remastered Deluxe 2011)
2. September Solitudes, by The D Project (Shimmering Lights, 2006)
3. Biel, by Half Past Four (Rabbit in the Vestibule, 2008)
4. Les aventures de Saxinette et Clarophone, by Maneige (Les Porches, 1975)
5. Ghost, by Devin Townsend Project (Ghost, 2011)
6. Blackberry, by Devin Townsend (Ghost, 2011)
7. Intermission, by Saga (Heads or Tales, 1983)
8. Cat Walk, by Saga (Heads or Tales, 1983)
9. Life on the Line, by Rob Moratti (Victory, 2011)
10. Standing on the Top of the World, by Rob Moratti (Victory, 2011)
11. Nobody's Perfect, by Kaos Moon (After the Storm, 1994)
12. B, by Opusculus (Consonant, 2010)
13. N, by Opusculus (Consonant, 2010)
14. H, by Opusculus (Consonant, 2010)
15. Pray to My God, by Hamadryad (Intrusion, 2010)
16. Morning of the Magicians, by Blood Ceremony (Living with the Ancients, 2011)
17. Night of Augury, by Blood Ceremony (Living with the Ancients, 2011)
18. Standback, by IT (Departure, 2009)
19. Till the Truth Comes Out, by Mystery (One Among the Living, 2010)
20. Sad Night at the Airfield, by Yes (Fly from Here, 2011)
21. Mosoq Runa, by DFA (4th, 2008)

As always, if you like the music you hear, follow the links and purchase the CDs, thus ensuring that the artists produce more of the music we all love.

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