Saturday, June 25, 2011

IPRS 76 available for Download

In an attempt to showcase new and unknown bands in the prog world, the last couple of radio shows have concentrated on latest releases. This latest show is no different. I was supposed to have an interview with members of Sky Architect, but scheduling problems arose (them being on tour), and time differences (I being in North America, them being in Europe, interview could only be conducted on weekends to be able to do them at convenient times for both of us). Anyway, I still hope to bring you an interview with this wonderful band in the near future. Another interview in the works is with american band Mars Hollow. Hopefully this will be done in the coming weeks and coincide with the release of their new CD.

This latest IPRS features diverse music, from Disconnect, Akt, Gungfly, japanese band Earthbound Papas, and much more. Styles go from Neo-Prog to Crossover Prog, from Tech/Extreme Metal Prog to Symphonic Prog, with some Psychedelic/Space Prog and Italian Prog thrown into the mix. I hope you enjoy the result. Send your comments in the COMMENTS section of this blog. And if you have any suggestions, send them along as well. You can listen to the radio show every Friday at 2 PM EST on UK70s Prog Rock.

To download show 76 click here (Podcast no longer available).

The playlist is as follows:

1. Good Intentions, Parts 1 & 2, by Disconnect (Indivision, 2011)
2. Prima della Fine/L'assalto, by
Akt (Blemmebeya, 2011)
3. Di Vento, by akt (Blemmebeya, 2011)

----- Andrew Barnsley Wood comments start ------
4. Too Much to Lose, by
The Pineapple Thief (Someone Here Is Live, 2010)
5. The Octopus, by
Amplifier (The Octopus, 2010)
6. Fractal, by Amplifier (Fractal, 2011)
----- End of Andrew's reviews ------

7. We Will Never Leave, by Gungfly (Lamentations, 2011)
8. Bringing Down the Walls, by Gungfly (Lamentations, 2011)
9. Lamemtations, by Gungfly (Lamentations, 2011)
10. Advent One-Winged Angel, by Earthbound Papas (Octave Theory, 2011)
11. Thread of Fate, by Earthbound Papas (Octave Theory, 2011)
12. L'Ombra di un Sogno, by
Accordo dei Contrari (Kublai, 2011)
13. Battery Park, by Accordo dei Contrari (Kublai, 2011)
14. Fantasia, by
Labirinto di Specchi (Hanblecheya, 2011)
15. Purpurea, by Labirinto di Specchi (Hanblecheya, 2011)
16. Burning Memories, by
Different Light (Il Suono della Luce, 2011)
17. A Creature of Habit, by Different Light (Il Suono della Luce, 2011)
18. Black Hills, by
Scale the Summit (The Collective, 2011)
19. Whales, by Scale the Summit (The Collective, 2011)
20. Hour of Need, by
Yes (Fly from Here, 2011)

As always (and I do repeat myself here quite often, but it bears remembering), if you like the music, please purchase the CDs by clicking on the links for the bands. Encouring artists by purchasing allows those some bands to produce and create more great music for us to enjoy!

UPDATE: The download page link has been corrected and is now enabled.

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