Sunday, October 10, 2010

Results of Poll #3

Poll #3's results are in and the clear preference goes to BunChakeze, with their song "The Deal". I'm very glad this new band got a nod of approaval from our listeners. 37% of you liked this song, and 20% of you loved "If the Sun" by Glass Hammer, a very close second! Third, with 16%, came K2 with "Passage to the Deep" from their excellent new CD "Black Garden". Rounding up the top 5 were Phideaux and The Watch, with "Hive Mind" and "All the Lights in Town" respectively.

Thank you to all who participated! A fourth poll is now on line, and multiple votes are enabled (sorry about that for last week). So tell us what you think and what you prefered!

1 comment:

  1. That's fantastic! Wowa, I am a huge fan since the very first day I listened to them. Their music if one could describe it reminds one of Pink Floyd but at the same time very original on their own. Their music is critically acclaimed by critics and music lovers alike. The interesting part of it is that now I have company of fellow females who also like their music, while before I was mostly alone in my Prog/rock choice of Music. Thank you very much IPRS for playing BunChakeze. You guys rock!
    Good luck and Friendly regards,
    Sonia Mota