Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview with Two Edensong Members

The International Prog Rock Show was happy to interview James Byron Schoen and Tony Waldman, two members of Edensong, a great prog band from the USA. Rick and I had had the pleasure of seeing them live at Quebec City's Terra Incognita Festival last spring and were  blown away by their performance.

On stage they are full of energy, and they are talented musicians. They also have a great sense of humour, as was shown when there were some technical difficulties during the show, and the band started improvising a ragtime. James and Tony were our guests this Sunday, and we invite you to discover their band, which is excellent. We also invite you to vote for the song or songs that you prefered during the broadcast, so in the right side of the page is a poll listing ready for you to vote (Multiple choices are allowed)!

Yesterday's radio show podcast is now ready for download here (Podcast no longer available)! The playlist is as follows:

1. Golden Child, by Matthew Parmenter (Horro Express, 2008)
2. Nothing Lasts Forever, by Unitopia (Artificial, 2010)
3. Right Through Me, by The Intersphere (Interspheres and Atmospheres, 2010)
4. Prodigy Composers, by The Intersphere (Interspheres and Atmospheres, 2010)
5. Home in Negative, by Steven Wilson ( download, 2010)
6. Unexpected Twists and Turns, by Unwritten Pages (Part I: Noah, 2010)
7. Yoso, by Yoso (Elements, 2010)
8. I Have a Place for You on Google Earth, by the Intersphere (Interspheres and Atmospheres, 2010)
9. Visions, by Aeon Zen (The Face of the Unknown, 2010)
10. Beneath the Tide (Live), by Edensong (Echoes of Edenson, 2010)
11. The Prayer, by Edensong (The Fruit Fallen, 2008)
12. Departure, by It (Departure, 2009)
13. Car Crash, by It (Departure, 2009)
14. Spring Knocks on the Door of Men, by Anima Mundi (The Way, 2010)
15. Cosi Come Sei, by Pandora (Dramma du un Poeta Ubriaco, 2008)
16. Hope Leaves (Live), by Opeth (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, 2010)

If you love the music, go directly to the artist's site and purchase the CD. That way, the artists can afford to create new music for you to enjoy!

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