Monday, October 4, 2010

October 3rd Radio Show Ready for Download

On last Sunday's show we welcomed our friend Ken Jaquess, bass player and leader of K2. We also had the pleasure to speak with Karl Johnson, guitarist extraordinaire, also a member of K2, and friend of Ken. The band will soon do a couple of gigs in the Los Angeles area, and are planning a small tour of the East Coast (including Montreal... maybe). A lot of new music was played, including songs off of the new K2 CD. Download the radio show here (Podcast no longer available), and once you listened to the show, vote on the online poll for your favorite songs. The setlist was is follows:

1- Passage to the Deep, by K2 (Black Garden, 2010)
---- Interview with Karl Johnson ----
2- Cloak of Antiquitym by K2 (Live in Hollywood DVD, 2009)
---- Interview with Ken Jaquess ----
3- Oceans to Cross, by Atlantis (Pray for Rain, 2002)
4- Path of the Warrior, by K2 (Black Garden, 2010)
5- Hive Mind, by Phideaux (7, 2009)
6- All the Lights in Town, by The Watch (Planet Earth?, 2010)
7- Anti-Matter Poetry, by T (Anti-Matter Poetry, 2010)
8- If the Sun, by Glass Hammer (If, 2010)
9- The Deal, by BunChakeze (Whose Dream?, 2010)

As always, if you love the music, click on the links and purchase the CD directly from the artists or their record company. That allows artists to produce more of the music we love.

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