Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tomorrow on the International Prog Rock Show

Tomorrow will be the last International Prog Rock Show of 2009. We will play a lot of the new stuff we received or acquired during the year that still hasn't been played on the air. The Po90 review that Rick and I are writing will be published on this site later today, and we may have a few reviews live on the air.

Last week's show was a special one, with Andy Tillison of The Tangent and Po90 as our special guest. The set list for this show was as follows:

1. Standalone, by Parallele or 90 Degrees (Po90) (Jitters, 2009)
2. A Man of Thin Air, by Po90 (More Exotic Ways to Die, 2002)
3. The World We Drive Through, by The Tangent (The World We Drive Through, 2004)
4. Modern, a Peter Hammill cover by Po90 (No More Travelling Chess, 2002)
5. Grand Canyon, by Refugee (Refugee, 1973)
6. Jitters, by Po90 (Jitters, 2009)
7. Threesome, by Po90 (Jitters, 2009)
8. Backup, by Po90 (Jitters, 2009)
9. The Canterbury Sequence, by The Tangent (The Music That Died Alone, 2003)
10. Lost in London, by The Tangent (A Place in the Queue, 2006)
11. Perdu dans Paris, by The Tangent (Down and Out in Paris and London, 2009)

We had a great chat with Andy Tillison, who was very generous with his time, and we appreciate it.

As always, if you loved the music - buy the CDs, you won't regret it!

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