Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Top 20 for 2009 with links

Here we go! On yesterday's show Rick and I unveiled our Top 20 of 2009. The past year was an exceptionally good one for progressive music, and our choices were made doubly hard since we had only heard about 90 to 100 CDs, most of them between the end of August and December. I'm sure that if we waited a couple of months and re-did this exercise, we'd arrive at different results, but for now, these are the ones we chose and presented on our Sunday show.

Update: Welcome IQ fans. Yes, Frequency made both our lists, and I am proud to find out that the band members from IQ noticed. Please, add this site in your favorites and listen to our internet radio show every sunday. For more information on air times, go to our Facebook page.

My Top 20
20. Barbares, by Nemo
19. Number 10, by Manning
18. Beautiful & Monstrous, by Subsignal
17. Actress, by Lobster Newberg
16. Turbulence, by Brother Ape
15. On This Perfect Day, by Guilt Machine
14. Dark, by Metamorphosis
13. Afterglow, by Wobbler
12. Out of the Tunnel's Mouth, by Steve Hackett

11. Jitters, by Po90
10. Focal Point, by Paul Cusick

9. The Whirlwind, by Transatlantic
8. The Underfall Yard, by Big Big Train
7. Soul's Inner Pendulum, by Moonrise
6. Numb, by Blind Ego
5. The Incident, by Porcupine Tree
4. Template for a Generation, by Darwin's Radio
3. Blood, by OSI
2. Down and Out in Paris and London, by The Tangent
1. Frequency, by IQ

Rick's Top 20
20. The Guitar Is Mightier Than the Gun, by First Band from Outer Space
19. Beautiful & Monstrous, by Subsignal
18. The Thrill of Nothingness, by Cross
17. The Weirding, by Astra
16. Mantis, by Umphrey's McGee
15. Focal Point, by Paul Cusick
14. The Thomas Tracks, by 5BridgeS
13. Blood, by OSI
12. Numb, by Blind Ego
11. Innergy, by Forgotten Suns
10. Frequency, by IQ
9. Please Be Quiet, by Gungfly
8. Jitters, by Po90
7. Black Clouds & Silver Linings, by Dream Theater
6. Destined Solitaire, by Beardfish
5. The Incident, by Porcupine Tree
4. The Underfall Yard, by Big Big Train
3. Down and Out in Paris and London, by The Tangent
2. The Whirlwind, by Transatlantic
1. Anno Domini High Definition, by Riverside


  1. Good picks. I just started listening to Big Big Train about a week ago, and Underfall Yard is one of my favorite albums I've listened to recently.

  2. Excellent choices; though one wonders why 'The Underfall Yard' wasn't in BOTH lists!

  3. Hey Hemi! It WAS!

    Excellent lists Rick & Frank!

    Cheers from Down Under!

    Stu of the Antipodes

  4. Happy new year gentleman. Although these are two excellent Top 20
    lists. You appear to have ommitted my choice of 2009 album of the year.

    Hang your prog heads in shame, and salute, "tick tock" by Gazpacho.

    A classic.

  5. Heck yeah! Tick Tock is a sublime album.

  6. As for Tick Tock by Gazpacho,ended around 35-36 on mine, Barnsley...
    Thank you all for the kind words!

  7. Good shout with Darwin's Radio - only just hearing the album in the last couple of days. Would have been on my list for sure had I heard it in 2009!

  8. I also like Identity by Airbag. Lush and warm like Gazpacho and even dare I say Coldplay!!

  9. Thanks Guys. It's great to see my debut album in a list beside many of my favourite bands... quite surreal actually :o)