Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hamadryad in the Studio Live

Today's show on was a live CD listening party of the forthcoming Hamadryad album intitled Intrusion. As special guests we had the pleasure to have three members of the band in the studio with us: Jean-François Désilets (bass), Denis Jalbert (guitars), and Sébastien Cloutier (keyboards). Laughs were had by all, the guys from the band have quite a good sense of humour, and music was played on the air.

Having a laugh (Sébastien, J.F., Denis, and Frank)

Goofing off (Sébastien, MontrealRick, J.F., and Denis)

The new album, at first listen, sounds great, and I'm looking forward to hearing a finished CD in the near future.

The band were nice enough to leave us 2 DVDs of their 2006 concert in France during the Crescendo Festival, and T-Shirts. These are to be given out by draw to people responding to this post by either a comment or by sending an e-mail to The winner will be contacted and asked for his or her mailing address.
The songs that were played were as follows:

1. Amora Demonis, from Live in France 2006 (2007)
2. Alien Sphere, from Safe in Conformity (2005)
3. Nameless, from Live in France 2006 (2007)
4. Funk-a-Trunk, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
5. Here and Now, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
6. In My Country, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
7. Lap of Love, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
8. Liar, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
9. Sentence, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
10. Torture Zone, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
11. Lost, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
12. Pray to My God, from Intrusion (Forthcoming album)
13. ...Action!, from Live in France 2006 (2007)
14. Anatomy of a Dream, from Safe in Conformity (2005)
15. Still They Laugh, Part 1 and Part 2, from Live in France (2007)

I would like to thank the Jean-François, Denis and Sébastien for their generosity and the good times we had in the studio.

As always, if you loved the music - buy the albums!

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