Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 1st Setlist from

Our special “Covers” show, set the day after we all covered ourselves for Halloween. This is the set list that was played during. The show started, as always, at 15h00 EST. The links here are provided for those who liked the music presented and would like to purchase albums from the artists themselves.

1. 21st Century Schizoid Man, by The Human Experimente (Dreaming in Exile, 2009)
2. No Quarter, by Ayreon (Day Eleven: Love CDS, 2004)
3. The More We Live, by Conspiracy (Conspiracy, 2000)
4. The Return of the Giant Hogweed, by Transatlantic (Whirlwind, 2009)
5. Sign o’ the Times, by Steven Wilson (Cover Version V, 2008)
6. Running Up That Hill, by Within Temptation (Running Up That Hill CDS, 2003)
7. Rocket Man, by Kate Bush (Rocket Man CDS, 1990)
8. Money, by Mary Fahl (From the Dark Side of the Moon, 2007)
9. To France, by Blind Guardian (The Forgotten Tales, 1996)
10. Solsbury Hill, by Saga (The Works, 1991)
11. Space Oddity, by Star One (Space Metal, 2002)
12. Suffragette City, by IQ (Frequency Tour CD 1, 2009)
13. See Emily Play, by David Bowie (Pin Ups, 1973)
14. For Nobody, by The Gourishankar (Close Grip (Reissue), 2008)
15. Karn Evil 9, by Shaun Guerin (Archives, 2004)
16. Man in a Long Black Coat, by ELP (In the Hot Seat, 1994)
17. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, by OSI (Office of Strategic Influence, 2003)
18. Arnold Layne, by Airbag (Download only, 2009)
19. The Colony of Slippermen, by Nick D’Virgilio (Rewiring Genesis, 2008)
20. I Know What I Like, by Fish (Songs from the Mirror, 1993)
21. Bridge of Sighs, by Opeth (Watershed, 2008)
22. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part 2, by Dream Theater (Black Clouds & Silver linings, 2009)
23. Southside of the Sky, by Glass Hammer (Culture of Ascent, 2007)
24. I Am a Camera, by The Buggles (Adventures in Modern Recording, 1982)
25. The Cinema Show, by The Flower Kings (The Road Back Home, 2007)

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