Friday, June 20, 2014

Landmarq Release First Ever Anthology

As they approach their 25th anniversary year in 2015, UK Prog-rockers Landmarq will be releasing their first ever anthology – a compilation of some of the best of the band's work from 1991 to the present - Origins: A Landmarq Anthology 1991-2014.

Since it's formation in London in 1990, London-based prog-rock band Landmarq has so far released nine albums, two of which have been recorded live at various concerts in the UK and Europe and a third live CD taken from the DVD Turbulence – Live In Poland.

The band soon firmly established itself within the world of progressive rock, though their appeal extended beyond these boundaries to a more mainstream audience. After three well-received albums, original lead singer Damian Wilson left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by award-winning vocalist Tracy Hitchings.

Featuring two outstanding, multi-award-winning vocalists - Tracy Hitchings (1998-present) and Damian Wilson (1991-1995) - Origins is released as a double-CD set, comprising:

Disc 1 - The Tracy Years

1. Science of Coincidence 
2. Lighthouse 
3. Between Sleeping and Dreaming (Live) 
4. Tailspin (Let Go the Line) (Live)
5. After I Died Somewhere (Live)
6. Heritage (Live)
7. Turbulence (Paradigm Shift) 
8. Personal Universe 
9. Origins (NEW SONG)
Disc 2 - The Damian Years

1. Killing Fields
2. Forever Young
3. Borders
4. Solitary Witness
5. Ta Jiang 
6. Embrace
7. Pinewood Avenue
8. Narovlya 
9. Bed of Nails
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