Friday, May 3, 2013

Mr Averell Features Members of Van der Graaf Generator and Others

Mr Averell is the name under which visual sound artist Rene van Commenee releases his song-based work. He first worked with Jackson a decade ago in a duo, and they released the album Batteries Included together.

Gridlock is the second Mr Averell album and features guest performances by Mike Garson (David Bowie), David Jackson, Hugh Banton and Judge Smith (Van der Graaf Generator), John Ellis (Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill, The Stranglers), Lene Lovich, along with Stuart Gordon (Peter Hammill, Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack), Dyane Donck (Daisy Bell), Martijn Alsters, Willem Tanke, Ninca Leece, Tammo Heikens and Lisa Weiss.
“Mr Averell is a one-off and hard to classify. Is he a sensitive singer-songwriter, a rock music wildman, and avant garde performance artist or a musical clown? Maybe he's a little of each, and his music is always surprising and full of interest.” - Judge Smith
“René is a wonderfully creative artist who is always pushing the boundaries of music!” - Mike Garson

The album is an adventurous journey through very different kind of songs and instrumentals, but all with the typical, quite theatrical Van Commenée signature. 'Gridlock' should be listened from beginning to end and isn't just a collection of songs. Literally 'Gridlock' stands for the famous Dutch traffic jams, but also tells about the 'Gridlocks' in our lives and heads. The wonderfully produced album may take a bit of time to sink in but once it does, it becomes timeless and unique.

In support of the release of Gridlock plans for Mr Averell to perform in Europe are currently in the works.

Available on GONZO MultiMedia, UK – May 6, 2013
Available in the US and Canada - May 14, 2013
To purchase Mr Averell – Gridlock CD:

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