Thursday, May 2, 2013

Frost* Go Off On A Tangent

Less than 2 weeks before their Celebr8.2 appearance, Frost* keyboard player and vocalist Jem Godfrey was involved in a bizarre incident involving a concrete garden trough and the index finger on his right hand. Hospital consultants informed him that to avoid lifelong damage to said digit he would have to wear a cast and was told that under no circumstances was he to attempt to use it.

At this point, Frost*, who are to be a major Celebr8.2 crowd pleaser, looked like they would have to pull out of the festival, which was due to be their  only show anywhere in the world in 2013.

Within minutes  of receiving the news, phones were buzzing to find a replacement keyboard player worthy of the herculean task of learning the complete Frost* set in less than a week. the Celebr8.2 promoters unanimously agreed that there was only one man who could fill such enormous Prog shoes. Parties were put in touch with each other and within hours Andy Tillison of The Tangent had nailed the Milliontown epic "Hyperventilate" and it was all systems go.

Jem Godfrey had this to say about the situation:
"I can't thank Andy enough for agreeing to lend a hand... quite literally in this case!"

Celebr8.2 promoter Jon Patrick added:
"This is a perfect exemple pf exactly what the Prog family can achieve when its backs are to the wall. Both Jem and Andy are two of the loveliest people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with and the fact that at the 11th hour they have come together, not only for us, but to not disappoint all the Frost* fans and the Celebr8 audience is a truly humbling experience."

If the Celebr8.2 lineup was not already a smorgasbord of European and transatlantic prog talent, this one set is going to be a once in a lifetime event that no true prog fan will want to miss.

Celebr8.2 tickets are still available, and the festival kicks off on Saturday May 11th at 2 PM with Birminghgam's finest, IOEarth!

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