Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Reasoning Release "Adventures in Neverland" on the 24th

2012 didn't start so well for proggers The Reasoning. The disappearance of guitarist Owain Roberts on March 10th and the subsequent anxiety about his safety took its toll on the band and their friends. Then trying to find a replacement to fill-in for live gigs and to complete the recording of a new album.

Although we still have no news about Owain, the band have soldiered on and are now ready to release their latest offering.

Adventures in Neverland album cover art
The past couple of years have been an extraordinary journey in every sense: with all of us being tested to the absolute limit. Nevertheless, in the face of much soul searching from us all, we closed ranks, talked about many things and found the strength to get up off the floor and to write and record what we believe to be our most adventurous, exciting and dynamic album to date. We are therefore delighted to announce that our fourth full-length album - Adventures In Neverland - is now completed and ready to order via our new record label Esoteric Antenna. This CD is brought to you with our heartfelt emotional investment, and encapsulates our collective journey to this point in time. Given that it was for some while rather uncertain as to whether this collection of songs would ever actually be recorded (yet alone released), for us to be able to sit here, listen to, and enjoy our new songs - and tell you about them - means the world to every single member of this band.

We're not going to try and explain everything about this album, because, as always, the proof is in the listening! We can however say that if you want ROCK - you'll find it here! If you want Prog - you've got it here too! If you want bombastic riffs, you've most definitely got those! If you want beautiful music and vocals to lose yourself in, it's all here! And, if you want melodic hooks and the kinds of earworms that will stay in your head for a long time to come… guess what: you've got it! We might even have thrown in a little funk and fusion for good measure: but you'll just have to wait and see.

Suffice it to say, we haven't held back with this album, and we can quite categorically state that it marks a huge step forward for the band musically and in every other sense, too. Even the band name now has its own unique, distinctive typeface. The artwork, as you can see, was brought to you by a wonderful artist called Dan Powell, and we really believe it is our most striking piece of artwork yet, even though we've had some great album covers over the years. This is a whole new Reasoning: but, of course, we haven't lost sight of what brought us here and why we started this crazy journey. Our history has made us who we are, and has motivated us to be the very best we can be.

This is also the longest album we have recorded, and contains 10 songs, coming in at just over 56 minutes. The track listing is as follows:

The Omega Point
The Glass Half
Stop The Clock
End Of Days
No Friend Of Mine
The Forest Of Hands and Teeth
Adventures In Neverland

It can be pre-ordered now directly from Cherry Red at the following link -

The CD will also be available at ALL of our forthcoming shows, and the official release date Worldwide and in all major retail outlets is the 24th September 2012. We will be releasing some snippets of songs over the coming weeks. Check this site, our Facebook page and our Soundcloud page for those exclusive previews.

So there you go dear friends, a whole new adventure begins and we can't wait to share that with you! Our first gig for this album will be on the 9th September in Cardiff, with the amazing Marillion. We then head out on the road with our rock buddies Touchstone at the end of September, heading to Europe and then back to the UK in October for more fun and madness. We then round off the first leg of the tour by supporting FISH at his convention in Leamington at the end of October. After that, more touring is planned, and work has already begun on new Reasoning material. It's going to be hectic, but it's going to be wonderful.

Thank you to everyone that has stuck by us, and a very warm welcome to those who will hopefully join us. Thank you also to those who have been and gone: we hope to see you again one day in the future. Enjoy the album as much as we have enjoyed recording it. You are all wonderful.

Love as always,

Matt, Rach, Tony, Jake and Keith xxxxx

Love as always,

TR xxxxx

Upcoming shows:
September 9: Cardiff Student Union - Cardiff (Supporting Marillion)
September 27: Poppodium W2 - Den Bosch, Netherlands (Headlining with Touchstone)
September 28: Poppodium Nieuwe Nor - Heerlen, Netherlands (Headlining with Touchstone)
September 29: Dru Cultuurfabriek - Ulft, Netherlands (Headlining with Touchstone)
September 30: Bergkeller - Reichenbach, Germany (Headlining with Touchstone)
October 1: Logo - Hamburg, Germany (Headlining with Touchstone)
October 12: The Garage - London, UK (Headlining with Touchstone)
October 13: Tivoli Theatre - Wimborne, UK (Headlining with Touchstone)
October 14: The Globe - Cardiff, UK (Headlining with Touchstone)
October 15: The Robin 2 - Bilston, UK (Headlining with Touchstone)
October 16: The Duchess - York, UK (Headlining with Touchstone)
October 21: Assembly Rooms - Leamington Spa, UK (Special guest at Fish convention)

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