Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pallas's Ex-vocalist Alan Reed to Release Solo Album

Three years after his stint with Pallas came to an abrupt end, singer Alan Reed is set to release his first fully-fledged solo album. Reed, who's recognizable voice graced Pallas's albums from 1986 to 2008, previously released an EP in 2011 called "Dancing with Ghosts" in which he reworked some songs from his back catalogue and added a couple of new ones. He also released two singles, "Begin Again" in 2011, and "That's Life", earlier this year.

His newest CD, to be titled "First in a Field of One", will be released October 8th 2012, and is a unique collection of songs that provide the perfect setting for the unmistakeable timbre of his voice. The album embraces a number of musical flavours - through celtic folk, world music, and even jazz; - held together by strong song-writing and a passionate sense of identity.

Tracks are:

1. Begin Again
2. Kingdom of the Blind
3. Never Too Late
4. The Bottom of the Bottle
5. Darkness has Spoken
6. The Real Me
7. Teardrops in the Rain
8. The Usual Suspects

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